Aaaand... we're in 2017. And it's still January.

It's funny I come here to write always in the same month, isn't it? :D

What's new. Well, I moved (again) but this time we bought the house!! It's a lovely place, with lot of space. We moved here one month ago so we're still cleaning, buying furniture, deciding which colors for the walls... loooot of things to do!!! xD

I didn't write my book, so we're still at the same point. More ideas, but nothing concrete to show you. *sighs*

I'm not making graphics stuff, and I'm sad about it because I don't wanna forget all the things I learnt. And there are so many new styles I'd love to try!!

It's January again?!

Hahahahahaha, it's funny! My last post is dated January 23th 2015, and now I'm here again. LOL

Well, I'm fine. Still trying to write my book, but I'm lazy. Too lazy. Maybe more scared than lazy. Scared to fail, scared to find out that I'm unable to write. *sighs*

Oh look who's here...

Wow, my last post was dated 2013... and guess what? My book is still a total work in progress. I mean, I haven't written anything apart two small episodes. Shame on me.
I have all these ideas, and I really want to write it. But it's like... I don't know, I feel like scared. Maybe. Dunno. Maybe scared to write something and start everything.

I have a site. A real site (I pay for it hehe!).
Still working on it, like I'm working on my life. Duh.

Few months ago my boyfriend and I rented a small apartment. So now I live like a grown girl, cooking, washing dishes and cleaning.
It's cool. And I have a lot of time alone, so it's the right time to write! ARGH!

Ok, it's good to be back here sometimes.
Hope you're ok.

Love & hugs & kisses

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Dragon Prophecy

Hello! :D

Finally I've decided to make pubblic my work on the book. I'm using my Google+/Blogspot account, and you can find it here, by clicking on the banner

It's called "La Profezia del Drago", the Dragon Prophecy.
I'm gonna post all the stuff about my writing, ideas, nightmares and much more that goes around thi book.

In the meantime

I'd love to be here more often, but I'm changed. I don't make icons like mad as I used to do in the past years. I'm not addicted to tv series or singers or actors at the moment. It's kinda sad because I don't have any particular fandom.

Well, I'm a Merlin fan, I adore that series, but... it's over. It ended on Dec 2012 with the season 5.

I'm reading the Game of Thrones books, and I watched the forst three episodes because I don't want to spoiler the books.

I'm trying... no, better, I'm pretending to be a writer, but everytime I think "ok, let's work on my book" I end up doing other things.
And it's sad because I WANT to write it, even if I miss some important connections in the story.

What else? Uhm dunno.


Hello my dear, old blog... awww... ^_^
Sometimes I receive mails about spam messages posted by whoknowswho, so I cannot forget this place I loved so much!

I'm still having fun with graphic stuff, here in this board (click on the banner)

Happy Birthday Tom!

Happy Birthday to a great actor and a fantastic human being.
Tanti auguri Tom, from your Italian fans.
This is for you. We love you man, thanks for everything!
Thanks also to the Italian board and its amazing people, without them this wouldn't be possible.
Happy Birthday
To You
Tanti Auguri
A Te
Happy Birthday
Dear Tom
Tanti Auguri
A Te
The Italian Ponies