Random Graphics Post

I'm back after... a while xD

I'm not using my LJ anymore because now I post all my things in my personal board.
Just lo tel you know I'm still making graphic things... here some of my new stuff! ^^

Richard Armitage
Pixar 'For The Birds'
Luke Evans

Ben Barnes
Tom Hiddleston
Gerard Butler
Chris Evans
Emma Stone
Luke Evans


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Blogspot, Blogger or whatever...

Long story short, I'm using an old blog I created in the same period I signed here at LJ.
Why? Need of a change, to speak Italian, to write about things that have meaning for me and for few people...

I think I'm gonna post icons and othe graphic works here.
But I'm bored to use this blog.
It's sad, maybe I'm gonna change my mind.
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Spooks 7

Watching Spooks. I remember when I first heard of this show. Matthew MacFadyen was the main character, and I wanted so much to watch it because I had a big crush on Matthew (P&P/Darcy period...)!
Now I'm watching it, but from season 7. Why? Hehehe. Because from this season there's Richard. Who else? LOL

Watched 4 episodes. Nice show. Maybe too much bombs xD
I have difficulties understanding half of what they say. Fast speaking and words I don't know.
Too much Russian speaking, also! I have a Russian woman at home! I think she's upset with me lately because she can hear speaking Russian from the kitchen (where I'm watching the show with my laptop), and in this show Russia is the enemy. LOL

BTW. Richard is fantastic.
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The captains of my novel

Months ago I wrote that I found my old agenda, where I put all my ideas for my original novel since 2007. I even made a small siggie-banner. (HERE)
I told you Richard Armitage inspired me, thanks to his role in North&South.
But I'm not writing something with characters taken from published novels or tv shows. I wanna write something original. Something that's mine.
A romance set in England, Jane Austen style. I haven't written a word still, but doing a lot of research. I want it to be perfect.
And you know, even if you don't write a fanfiction, you have to imagine your characters phisically. Like Bridget Jones's Diary. Helen Fielding was inspired by Colin Firth's Darcy. It's the same thing.
My main male character looks like Richard. This novel wouldn't even exist without him. I'm not quite sure about the hero of the novel, my female character. I've always imagined her like Keira Knightley, but only because Keira was awesome in Pride&Prejudice and she's the first actress I had in mind thinking about Austen's movies.
Then there's the other male character, the "evil" one, hot and funny. He will try to marry the girl, but the hero of the story will fight to prevent this terrible marriage.
And who's my evil hunk? My dear, dear Chris Evans. I love him. He's hot, he's funny. He's perfect!

This characters's list was written 3 years and a half ago.
This year a movie will come out, about a comic novel hero. It's Captain America.
When I heard about it, when I read that Chris Evans was the hero of the movie, I was so happy for him. I started looking fof pics. There's on movie still where he's half naked. I think I drooled for five minutes! LOL
Then there was this movie still.

I was shocked. I wasn't able to say a word. I think I stayed with my eyes glued to the screen for ages!!!
Richard Armitage and Chris Evans in the same movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And they are enemies like in my novel!!!

It's amazing. I really, really, really couldn't imagine they would be in the same movie.
Can't wait for it to come out!!!

300 words

I watched Nim's Island on tv tonight. Already watched it years ago at the movies. Cute movie, and i'ts lovely hearing "Nim" spoken by Gerard Butler tons of time!

I went to my first forum ever at forumfree, the Gerry's Ladies forum, to leave a comment about the movie. I used to be one of the first members of that site (2006), but now I don't go there often.
After leaving my comment, I wrote my nickname on the "search" form. And I found out this.
OMG! I forgot this one!!!
I had to write a short story, 300 words, for Mr Church's class (univeristy? Really can't remember!!!).
Well, have fun with it xD

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Mr Church gave me 28/30. Yay!!! xD
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