Nim (nim4) wrote,

Oh look who's here...

Wow, my last post was dated 2013... and guess what? My book is still a total work in progress. I mean, I haven't written anything apart two small episodes. Shame on me.
I have all these ideas, and I really want to write it. But it's like... I don't know, I feel like scared. Maybe. Dunno. Maybe scared to write something and start everything.

I have a site. A real site (I pay for it hehe!).
Still working on it, like I'm working on my life. Duh.

Few months ago my boyfriend and I rented a small apartment. So now I live like a grown girl, cooking, washing dishes and cleaning.
It's cool. And I have a lot of time alone, so it's the right time to write! ARGH!

Ok, it's good to be back here sometimes.
Hope you're ok.

Love & hugs & kisses

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OMG, there you are!! Just awesome !! :) Nice to hear that you are well. Sounds good with the apartment and with having time alone! And ohh, the writing, yes, yes, I know this. Ok, I have no time to write often, so just a little bit, but this month I was (and am) in the hobbit flash, there is no other place for anything, lol.

edit: going to check your site tomorrow!! now it is sleeping time.
Ciaoooooooooo!!! Argh, I missed these comments, sorry!!!
So happy to read you! Hope everything is ok :D