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In the meantime

I'd love to be here more often, but I'm changed. I don't make icons like mad as I used to do in the past years. I'm not addicted to tv series or singers or actors at the moment. It's kinda sad because I don't have any particular fandom.

Well, I'm a Merlin fan, I adore that series, but... it's over. It ended on Dec 2012 with the season 5.

I'm reading the Game of Thrones books, and I watched the forst three episodes because I don't want to spoiler the books.

I'm trying... no, better, I'm pretending to be a writer, but everytime I think "ok, let's work on my book" I end up doing other things.
And it's sad because I WANT to write it, even if I miss some important connections in the story.

What else? Uhm dunno.
Tags: media: book, personal: nim, tv show, tvshow: merlin, writer's block
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